Monday, April 2, 2012

OpenEd Assessment Designer Badge - Announcement

OpenEd User Perspective 
(Apprentice level, complete for one topic to earn the badge)

The open course Introduction to Openness in Education offers a variety of badges to recognise completion of part of the course. One of those is the Assessment Designer Badge, in which the student design their own badge, and encourages peer students to complete it as well. For this purpose I suggest the OpenEd User Perspective Badge.

The course topics focus heavily on their theoretical background, discussing key figures and milestones and  theoretical frameworks. And we do see and listen to some MIT faculty at the kick off of their Open Courseware project. But what does it all mean in practice?

This badge encourages the students in the course to interact with users of the topics of the course; the researchers using open data, faculty designing open courses, developers designing open educational resources, students in open courses, etc.

- Define a research question.
- Identify a user or group of users.
- Collect qualitative and/or quantitative data from the users.
- Analyse the results and publish a blog, announcing your intent to complete this badge.

As I would have to complete the badge myself, I have put together a little survey for students in this course.
Please take 5 minutes to fill it in! I appreciate your support!

Go to the survey.


  1. I think that in order to claim the badge for yourself, someone else has to complete it... I might be able to help you out. Do you have ideas of other topics to explore?

    I think I might do something around OER content for mobile devices.

    1. Yes, I realise that Mathieu.

      It would be great if someone would interview a researcher who works in an open data project, or adopts an open science approach. Or talk to authors who published in open access literature.

      Are you thinking of designers of such resources? Or students using them?

      Good luck!